Cleaning & Disinfecting Artificial Grass Sports Fields During COVID-19

As some communities across the United States return to sporting activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, owners of artificial grass sports fields have expressed concerns about how to keep playing surfaces safely maintained for athletes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the coronavirus is mainly being spread from person to person, but it is also possible to contract the disease through contact with objects and inanimate surfaces. While scientists and researchers are still learning about the virus, at TurFresh, we are committed to your safety and are here to serve you through the pandemic. 

It’s important to note that disinfectants, detergents, and soaps will only clean an artificial grass field temporarily. It is not a permanent fix, and it will not prevent future transmission of the virus. In order to help you, your sporting community, and loved ones in taking preventative measures to establish clean, fresh, and well-maintained sports fields, here are a few steps we adhere to in our routine cleaning & disinfecting process: 

  • We always use gloves and proper protective equipment 
  • Our turf cleaning professionals respect and adhere to social distancing guidelines 
  • TurFresh’s products scientifically adhere to, breakdown, and eliminate many forms of bacteria, significantly reducing the spread of germs
  • We follow a strict 10-point cleaning service to assist in restoring the freshness & increasing the longevity of your turf field 
  • All coordination of services and payment can be handled remotely, and through social distancing practices, minimizing any potential risk of transmission

As industry leaders in synthetic turf field maintenance for over 20 years, we are here to do our part in assisting our athletes to feel more at peace while they play the field. We also understand that life happens, and people get busy, which is why TurFresh offers a variety of service plans to assist you in cleaning and disinfecting your artificial grass sports field to keep the surface safe for players without the fuss. In addition to maintenance, we will deep clean your field using our proprietary cleaning and deodorizing products, which disinfect by killing bacteria on synthetic grass sports field surfaces.

As we continue to consciously return to everyday activities, while monitoring the latest updates with COVID-19, our TurFresh professionals are available to answer questions regarding best practices for disinfecting your synthetic turf. To find out more about our turf field cleaning services, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (213) 279-6599, or fill out one of our forms!

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