• Turf odor that doesn't go away...

    Organic waste builds up in artificial turf over time causing odors, attracting insects, and creating potential health concerns. 

  • BioTurf™ BioS+ is your solution without the pollution!

    It's a true "green product" for cleaning artificial turf. 

  • BioS+ in ACTION.

    BioTurf™ by TurFresh is a microbial cleaner that cleans turf and controls odor by naturally consuming and degrading waste that causes odors.

  • Odor gone.

    BioTurf™ is the industry's leader for our "bio-enzymatic cleaning solution" and proven results on artificial turf.


Organic  |  Eco-Friendly  |  Hypo-Allergenic  |   Biodegradable  |  Kid & Pet Safe!

For pet owners with artificial grass seeking a valued, safe, highly-concentrated, organic, commercial grade natural enzymatic artificial turf cleaner and odor remover.  Our BioTurf artificial turf odor eliminator with BioS+, with our own natural enzyme turf cleaning technology effectively reacts and treats offensive pet odors caused by urine, feces, saliva, vomit and many other unsafe odor causing turf contaminants without harming pets and children.  Our turf odor cleaning tests prove that our customers are provided with immediate results using our artificial turf BioS+ cleaning system.  Consistent use of BioTurf will provide you and your pets with years of clean, safe and a sanitary artificial grass.

Turf Cleaner by TurFresh

BioTurf™ with BioS+ Turf Cleaning Technology is the perfect synthetic turf cleaner to keep your residential or commercial artificial grass FRESH and CLEAN and DEODORIZED!


Here’s a testimonial voice mail we received from an excited BioTurf customer!




BioTurf™ with BioS+ enzymatic technology by TurFresh is a completely new approach to specialized Bio-Bacteria artificial grass pet odor removal and cleaning products.  Not only did our customers want to naturally and safely eliminate stains and eliminate turf pet odors, but also many other bacteria contaminants such as feces, saliva and vomit.  Bacteria, if not treated will continue to be pushed into the artificial grass, stick to the blades and infiltrate the infill, backing and even the base.  For over 10 years TurFresh has taken turf cleaning seriously, so we took the time, listened to clients, researched, tested and perfected our custom formulated BioTurf with BioS+; all natural, pet and kid safe, artificial grass pet odor eliminator for the artificial turf industry.


TurFresh.com formulated BioTurf using the latest naturally occurring organic digestive bio-enzymes that break down and neutralize an endless amount of turf bacteria by replicating itself billions of times, even contaminants you do not smell are eliminated.  Other turf cleaning products only mask odors and increases the problem without even addressing other bio-hazard contaminants that linger on your turfs surface.   In the correct environment, BioTurf™ replicates itself billions of times to eliminate much more bacteria than competing products. Our BioS+ formula is designed specifically for artificial grass with the correct and valued concentration levels.  We also care about the environment and keeping our kids and pets safe from harsh chemicals typically used in these applications.  This is why it was our priority to not only address the immediate need of our client but to take care of the earth.  Our product  line also reduces environmental impact and keeps our turf families safe from adverse, allergic reactions caused by other dangerous cleaning products. BioTurf!! Absolutely, the best pet urine removal product.



Featured Product:

BioTurf BioS+ 32oz Concentrate with Sprayer




Our most popular product! Enough to treat 1500-2000 square feet of artificial grass and includes our BioSiphon Sprayer.


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Professional BioTurf Application Service?

Its not always just the smell! BioTurf™ also offers artificial turf cleaning, repairs and re-juvination services.  If you wish to have our turf cleaning products professionally applied, browse through our list of specialized services here! Let our network of BioTurf™ dealers and distributors take care of everything. LOOK FOR OUR INTERNET DISCOUNTED PRICING – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ONLY.