Odor Solution without the Pollution

Remove pet odor, pet hair and debris from your artificial grass with a full detail cleaning that will have you loving your lawn again.

Bring the lushness back to your lawn with a TurfBlooming service and get back to enjoying your artificial grass again.

Find Your TurfCare Plan That Fits Your Needs.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet odors got you down? Sign up for the TurfCare cleaning service to remove pet odor and debris from your lawn and get back to paradise.

Full Detail Cleaning Service for Pet Odor Removal Starts at $449.99 for up to 400 sq feet.

Turf Fiber Revival

Does your turf need to be fluffed and restored? Sign up for the blooming service to bring your lawn back to lushness.

TurfBlooming Service for Turf Fiber Revival Starts at $299.99 for up to 400 sq feet.

What TurfCare plan is best for you?

If you have pets, chances are you have smelly spots on your turf.  TurfClean is the perfect maintenance service to help remove pesky pet odor and clean your turf.  No pets? No problem! Over time, turf fibers start to flatten due to foot traffic and weather.  A TurfBloom service helps decompact the infill in your turf, gives the fibers a deep brushing, and brings back lushness to your artificial lawn.


Debris Removal
Weed Removal
Re-Nail Seams
Tuck Edges
New TurFill Granules
Adjust Low Spot Edges
TurFresh Odor Treatment
Magnet Sweep
30 Day Guarantee
Over 400 sq ft $1.00 sf $0.75 sf

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TurFresh BioS+ Disinfectant, Odor Eliminator

Starting at $29.99

TurFresh BioX Disinfectant, Odor Eliminator

Starting at $29.99

TurFill Granular Pet Waste Odor Eliminator

Starting at $45.99

TurFresh BioS+ Value Pack


Kid & Pet Safe

There is no need to wait to use your artificial lawn after TurFresh products are applied since our product is clean, green and smells great! After your initial application, the enzymes are working hard. If you are having a party or have kids or pets that want to play. Go right ahead.

Freshness Guaranteed

Our experienced TurFresh team knows what it takes to maintain a fresh artificial lawn. If we didn’t exceed your expectations, we’ll make sure to make it right. We guarantee it.

Built to Remove Pet Odor

TurFresh developed its own turf cleaning technology. Many of our competitors use harsh chemicals and strong fragrances to mask pet odors. At TurFresh, we use only non-toxic, organic ingredients that are built to remove the odor and to ensure pets and kids are safe.

Why People Love Us

“Had another quarterly service and very happy. With two chocolate labs there’s a lot of everything — hair, waste, odor which are all gone now.”


“I’m the dude that never writes reviews but reads everyone else’s reviews to determine whether or not to buy. I have tried: baking soda, vinegar, lots of water, other products, and praying to the dog pee gods.  Nothing worked! THIS WORKS!!”


“We have 3 small dogs who use our dog run and back yard, and the previous owner had a large dog. I had tried all of the typical odor remedies with no success. After today’s treatment, our turf looks and smells fresh!”

-Sharon H.

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