4 Reasons Why TurfComb Is a Great Investment

Dallas and Fort Worth homeowners love artificial grass landscaping because it remains verdant and beautiful year-round, even during the most sweltering summers. However, your turf does need occasional maintenance to stay looking its best. Professional artificial grass maintenance services from experienced technicians are the best way to keep your synthetic grass lush and clean, but at-home maintenance can go a long way toward preventing weeds, rejuvenating turf blades, and making your exterior landscaping as clean and beautiful as possible. If you have synthetic grass in your backyard or business, we recommend investing in our best-selling TurfComb for the four following key maintenance steps.

1. Sweeping Up Leaves

It’s important to remove organic matter such as leaves and twigs from your yard to prevent matted blades as well as moss or weed growth. We recommend raking your lawn once a week — or more frequently, depending on the amount of foliage in your yard — and clearing the artificial turf of any organic matter. However, you should never use a standard garden rake for this. The metal prongs on typical rakes can scratch the polyethylene turf fibers, causing permanent damage to your landscaping. Instead, use a rake with synthetic blades. We especially recommend a rake or comb specially made for artificial grass maintenance, such as our TurfComb.

2. Removing Moss and Weeds

Preventing moss and weed growth is always best for your turf, but sometimes weeds can’t be avoided. Whether you’ve gone on vacation for a while and left your yard unmaintained or a couple of stubborn weeds grew around the edges of your lawn, sometimes you’ll need to remove existing moss or weeds during your routine synthetic turf maintenance. You can apply a water-based weed killer, then use our TurfComb to lift the weed out from the base of the root. Our TurfComb is also effective at cutting through and removing moss in a similar way. 

3. Preventing Matting & Lifting the Blades

Perhaps the most common function of a turf comb is re-blooming your turf’s blades. Cross-brushing is a crucial step in artificial turf maintenance, as it counteracts any matting and extends the lifespan of your synthetic grass landscaping. To cross-brush your turf fibers, rake through the blades against the grain. This will help lift the fibers and encourage them back into a vertical position, helping your lawn look lush and full once more. Re-blooming your turf blades is recommended at least once per month, depending on the amount of foot traffic that your lawn receives. You should also cross-brush your turf with a turf comb after the winter snow, a big storm, or after moving heavy furniture around your lawn. Any object or event that could cause your turf blades to become matted is an excellent reason to cross-brush with your TurfComb.

4. Adding Infill

Artificial grass infill — granular products placed between the turf blades — is a crucial aspect of the turf installation process. Infill fills up the space between the fibers and helps them remain upright while also creating a softer and more natural feel underfoot. Although infill is primarily associated with the installation process, your lawn needs to be occasionally topped up with infill over the course of its life as wind, rain, birds, and other unavoidable aspects of daily life sweep it away. When adding infill, you’ll need to use your turf comb to work the infill into the bottom of the pile. It can be a tedious job, but it’s necessary to support your turf fibers, aid in drainage, keep the grass cooler, and protect the backing material. You can even purchase odor-neutralizing, antibacterial infill products such as our proprietary TurFill infill. Having an artificial grass maintenance professional such as TurFresh top up your infill is the easiest way to maintain your lawn’s structural integrity.

To learn more about TurFresh’s artificial turf maintenance services or book your first turf reblooming appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form. If you want to try synthetic grass maintenance for yourself, you can visit our online store for a wide range of turf cleaning products that are specially created for artificial grass, including our famous and best-selling TurfComb for safe, at-home turf maintenance.

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