How Synthetic Turf Maintenance Can Make Your Turf Last Longer

Artificial grass maintenance looks a little different than caring for a natural grass lawn, but it’s just as important. Proper turf upkeep will ensure your landscaping stays clean and fresh and lasts as long as possible.

Professional synthetic turf maintenance is the key to making the most out of your evergreen landscaping. These are the top ways turf cleaning makes your lawn last longer.

Professional Turf Cleaning is Tailored to Your Lawn’s Needs

When you installed your artificial grass lawn, you chose a style that fits your lifestyle! Whether you opted for pet turf, a putting green style or a plush landscape turf, your synthetic grass installer helped you pick the suitable material for your needs.

Similarly, TurFresh tailors each artificial grass maintenance service to your unique lawn. From heavy foot traffic to pet use, we have the tools and expertise to restore any synthetic grass lawn and make it last as long as possible. Unlike consumer products that take a “one size fits all” approach, we use a comprehensive 10-point process that ensures we address everything from infill to edges.

Routine Artificial Grass Maintenance Stops Your Turf From Breaking Down

Artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed or watered, but it does need to be cleaned regularly (particularly if you have pets). With regular use, turf can become matted and riddled with bacteria. 

A matted appearance and unpleasant odor might seem like minor issues, but they can wreak havoc on your lawn if unattended. Ill-maintained artificial grass is subject to molding, mildew, split blades and other problems that can require you to replace your turf entirely. Routine turf cleaning will ensure the problem never gets that far, so you can enjoy your lawn for longer.

The Right Turf Maintenance Team Will Safeguard Your Landscaping

Like any landscaping renovation, artificial turf installation is an investment – and you deserve to get the most out of it! Improper turf maintenance can damage your blades, prevent drainage and even void your warranty.

TurFresh artificial grass maintenance is the preferred choice of homes and businesses nationwide. We developed our own proprietary artificial grass cleaning formulas, made with natural ingredients that gently but effectively eliminate bacteria. We go above and beyond to give your turf the TLC it needs. From reblooming your blades to fixing loose seams, we hit every mark to extend the life of your lawn! Call now at 855-444-8873, text 949-569-6453 or visit us online to book your first appointment.

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