All turf cleaning and repair service invoices are due upon completion.   All TurFresh clients require a secured credit card on file and turf cleaning and restoration service is billed day of service.  TurFresh offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days after our initial date of service. TurFresh is not responsible for pre-existing or future conditions of turf system, including sub-base, drains, grading, edging, weeds including performance of the blades and matting.  We are not liable for any animals or other inherent risk may or not be associated with your artificial turf systems or our service.  We are not liable for any surrounding surfaces including but not limited to furniture, carpets, pots, or plants. Customer may cancel TurfCare program at any time after one year. Customer agrees to maintain agreed upon intervals for service per the agreed upon program chosen.  Cancelled service for any reason prior to the first year will be charged a cancellation fee of $85.00.  Cancellation after the first year requires a 15 day notice so we do not schedule additional services.  Please be advised that it is clients responsibility to secure pets in a safe location in order for our technicians to perform services.  If dogs are aggressive in any manner please notify us prior to arrival in order to keep our technicians safe.